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Registry Cleaner scans the Windows Registry for invalid10.3.2010
Registry Cleaner scans the Windows Registry for invalid and outdated entries with the option to remove those. This can increase the stability and performance of the Windows operating system. Little Registry Cleaner is an Open Source software program that can scan the registry repair software in Windows. The application suggests to create a System Restore Point on the first run which is recommended to have a backup in case the cleaning goes wrong.

The registry clean software displays a list of sections that it can scan in a left sidebar. Among those sections are program locations, shared dlls, help files, history lists, application information, startup entries or system drivers. It is possible to block sections by removing their checkmark in the sidebar.

The free Registry Cleaner will then scan the selected sections in the windows registry clean and display obsolete entries in its interface and in a log file that is automatically opened in the default text editor.

The problems that have been found during the scan can be fixed with a click on the fix problems button. It is furthermore possible to deselect some entries so that they are not fixed by the program.

The options provide settings to add registry cleanup software to an ignore list so that they will not be scanned. They also offer settings to change the Registry backup locations, configure the program to automatically repair Registry items and configure various other preferences.

It is a good idea to run a clean registry like Quicksys Defragmenter afterwards to reduce the size of the Windows Registry. The program is also freely available and will decrease the computer's boot time by reducing the size of the registry fix.
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